With all the recent political debates, and fact flying from both sides, it can feel nearly impossible to wade through the inundation of information to the truth. Which, for those who are proponents of fossil fuel use, is likely the point – if you question whether or not we actually need renewable energy sources, you’re less likely to spend the money on those renewable energy systems like home solar panels. However, don’t believe the political pundits; there have been a plethora of scientific studies that provide proof that our use of nonrenewable resources is having a negative impact on the environment. The bigger question now is whether or not solar panels and other renewable resources help enough to counter damage to the planet.


Cutting Down On Other Power Sources

One of the primary arguments for switching to solar power or other alternative energy sources is that it will cut down on the need to expend finite resources like coal and fossil fuels to produce electricity and fuel our world. In addition, solar power cuts down on our need for nuclear power, which generates a large amount of harmful waste and has the potential for catastrophic destruction – think the Chernobyl meltdown.


Air Pollution

This one should, in our opinion, be pretty obvious. Burning coal and fossil fuels emits toxic particulates into the air, which will, over time have adverse effects on the atmosphere. According to the EPA, electric power production accounts for almost a third of greenhouse gas emissions on its own. The more widespread solar panel use becomes, the less of those particulates are emitted into the atmosphere as we produce energy to power our homes and businesses.


Preserving Land

Drilling for petroleum and mining for coal not only deplete natural resources, they lead to the destruction of natural habitats, leech toxins into the surrounding land and water, and can cause major issues with landslides and erosion. Conversely, the technology for solar panel production is improving, which leads to less waste and better disposal regulations. In addition, adding solar panels to your home or business don’t impact the surrounding area any further than the building’s construction did.   


Resource Consumption

Solar panels end up helping more than hindering when it comes to resource consumption because they were and are built to last for as long as possible (usually in the range of decades), rather than require constant replacement or renewal. According to this National Geographic article, some of the earliest solar panels from the 1970s are still fully functioning! This is far better than constantly burning coal to fuel power plants. In fact, solar panels can produce enough energy on a monthly basis that the generated energy can be sold back to your local power company.

The more people who add solar panels to their home or business, the more we can reduce environmentally harmful practices and planet-damaging consumption of resources. To get solar panels for your New York home, call Hytech Solar. We offer a free quote option so you can see just what a customized solar panel system will do for your home or business. Learn more about our residential or commercial services then give us a call to get started!