free-quote1If you’re still new to living with solar panels, we at Hytech Solar imagine you’re probably a bit paranoid about anything and everything that could damage your panels. Getting new solar panels for your home feels a bit like that anxiousness of getting a brand new car. With the car, you fear a scratch or door ding for months after getting your new car. With solar panels, you want to be sure they’ll stay in excellent working condition as long as possible.

As much as we may wish, solar panels are not completely indestructible. The good news is that the creators knew going into the design process that solar panels would need to withstand a good deal since the solar panel system was meant to attach outdoors.

In It For The Long Haul

First to note is solar panels are designed to endure. Most manufacturers offer a 25-year warranty, which means they’re expecting your solar panels to last at least that long, despite the regular wear-and-tear from the elements. Eve better is the news that most solar panels are thought to last about 40 years. That’s 40 years of rain, snow, wind, and more. You can be sure your solar panels are designed to be tough!

What Can Hurt Them


dreamstime_xxl_69567460Primarily, the only things that can cause problems for your solar panel are strong weather events. This means things like hail or strong wind/rain storms that send debris flying. Hail, rocks, tree branches, and other debris flying in strong weather can crack the protective glass over the solar cells. Unfortunately, there isn’t always a good way to protect from weather-related problems like hail – we strongly suggest you do not climb on your roof to try to cover your solar panels. However, a bit of yard care can help. Keeping your trees trimmed back and your yard tidy will give less cause for worry.


Fire is another big concern for solar panels. The heat can crack the protective glass and the wiring can wear down over time. Practice fire safety in your home and be sure you have your solar panels checked over at least once a year to avoid electrical fires.


Damage from water is another concern for solar panels. The seals that hold on the protective glass can weaken and allow water to leak into the system. Then it works a bit like water on the road during winter – water seeps into the cracks, freezes, and expands which causes cracks. Routine maintenance and checking all the seals can help prevent any water damage.

For expertly installed solar panels, call Hytech Solar today. We are so sure we’ll do an excellent job with your solar panel installation and maintenance we offer free repairs, maintenance, and even roof protection via our SunRun solar panel lease program. To get started on adding solar panels to your home in New York, call Hytech Solar today!