Welcome to the Hytech Solar blog! This is a place where we will tell you all about all things solar and how you can find solar panels for your New Jersey home! We get many enthusiastic clients who want to know all about solar energy and how it can help them save money on energy costs in their homes. They also want to know how exactly solar panels work! We are here today to give you a brief rundown on the science of solar panels.

Electrons, Photons, and Particles, Oh My!

To explain how solar panels work, we must first get to a level so small that it’s almost impossible to see! Solar panels allow little particles of light, called photons, to knock electrons free from atoms. This creates a flow of electricity! The solar panels themselves are made of many units called photovoltaic cells. This tricky word just means that they can convert sunlight into electricity! When all these cells are connected, they create the solar panel you are installing!

How Does This Power My House?

Great question! The photovoltaic cells in your panel are usually sandwiched between two slices of semi-conducting material. The cells use this material to create an electrical field. On the sides of the cells, there are usually metal conductive plates that harness the electrons and transfer them to wires—meaning this energy is now electricity that can successfully power your home!

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