Between the damaging environmental effects of fossil fuels and the annual costs of energy bills for the average American family rising to over $1200, more and more Long Island residents are looking for alternative energy solutions. One of the most popular and cost effective solutions currently available are solar panels, but some people are hesitant to make the switch to solar power due to the initial costs involved. However, switching to a solar panel system will actually save the average New York homeowner quite a bit of money over time. In most cases, a residential solar energy system will actually pay for itself in about six years.

New York City Energy Costs

residentialAlthough energy prices fluctuate from state to state, New Yorkers pay approximately 40% more per kilowatt hour (kWh) than residents in other locations. Because of this, going solar in New York is even more cost effective over time. By making the initial investment now, homeowners can also get in on additional savings provided by solar-incentive programs. When aligned with industry averages, the payback period for solar power in New York can drop from six years to just 4 for eligible residents. An additional incentive exists for New Jersey residents in the form of SREC, which can provide households with as much as $7,000 a year just for going solar.

The Environmental Effects of Solar Power

While the savings on energy costs is obviously a driving force in more and more American households converting to alternative energy solutions, many people are focused on the environmental benefits of solar power. Estimated national averages believe that a single family home in the United States generate approximately 2,700 pounds of air pollution each year, which means that American households produce over 300 billion pounds of polluted air annually. This means that even a small solar system producing only 10 kWh can prevent over 4,000 pounds of polluted air over the life of the system. Every solar panel system makes a major difference in air quality, and this can have a massive effect for populous areas such as New York City.

The Total Savings With Solar Panels

Deciding to go solar is a definitely a big decision, but the payoffs are massive for both the environment as well as in the bank account. While there are a number of variables involved with installing a solar energy system, Hytech Solar are the Top Rated Local® solar power pros who can provide every Long Island homeowner with accurate information to make the right decision on solar energy. Before doing anything else, we will make sure your home has the right placement and proper sunlight for a solar panel system to be beneficial. We understand that the initial investment in solar energy can be difficult for some New Yorkers to move beyond. However, even a small solar system can make a giant impact on both your monthly energy bill as well as the environment. In the long run, solar panels can help you save money while doing your part to reduce your family’s carbon footprint.