If you own your commercial building, you’ve probably heard with increasing frequency the push to switch to alternative energy. Given the benefits to converting, why haven’t you yet? At Hytech Solar, we handle commercial solar power needs, not just residential, and we’re passionate about this because it’s the best thing for your business and the planet. Read on to understand why!

dreamstime_xxl_13464363Spend Money to Save Money

In most instances, anyone who tells you they can save you money by spending it probably has ocean-front property in Arizona to sell you, too. When it comes to alternative energy like solar panels, however, you really can save money by spending it. Because of the considerable push towards alternative energy sources, there are plenty of tax credits and rebates out there for those who make the switch.

Energy Costs

In the long run, solar power and other green energy can save you quite a bit more than just those upfront tax breaks. Solar panels can cut your energy bills down to nearly one-quarter of what it is without alternative energy help, or even eliminate an electric bill entirely. Given that the expected life of solar panel systems is generally at least 25 years, you’re looking at savings that will far outweigh your initial expenditure. Most businesses pay off their solar system in a handful of years, so that’s roughly two decades of savings after they’re paid off. With good upkeep, it could be longer!

dreamstime_xxl_29783063Add Equity to Your Building

Not only will you be saving on your electric bill and earning tax credits toward your solar power system, but adding solar power to your building will also increase the equity of your building. If you’re thinking about selling your property, having a green energy source is a major selling point for many buyers.

Bring In the Foot Traffic

Customers – and employees – appreciate any moves toward alternative energy. Adding solar power to your building will make employees feel better about where they work, and positive employees generally work better. In addition, customers are more likely to choose a business that is eco-friendly whenever they can, as it makes them feel more positive about giving their hard earned money to that business.

If you’re ready to add solar power to your business, call Hytech Solar. We will work with you through the process, from initial design and planning through installation and maintenance. Schedule your consultation today!