In the 1990s, there was a big push to teach school-aged children to “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle,” in order to educate the growing generation about the importance of finding renewable and less harmful material/energy consumption methods. And boy, did we teach them well! Since then, going green and finding alternative energy sources has become increasingly important to our society, particularly as that generation of 90s kids has grown up and joined global conservation research. We don’t want to be dependent on exhaustible sources like petroleum forever, so it’s important to not only research what’s happening currently, but to find better ways around our most consumptive habits.

dreamstime_xxl_26691257 What You Can Do

If you’re part of the growing group of people concerned about the state of our planet and humanity’s impact, there’s good news! You don’t have to wait for local or national government to pass eco-conscious laws in order to have an impact. There are options that range from small changes up through major overhauls, so you can choose how much your household can do. Below are 5 options you can incorporate into your home to make a difference:

  1. Know Your Usage – the easiest place to start is the smallest – but not insignificant! – step: get an energy monitor. It’s hard to curb your household’s energy consumption if you don’t even know what your usage is! An energy monitor will help you track your family’s use in real time so you can track and cut back.
  2. Power Strips – a second small step you can take is to plug everything into power strips. This option, particularly energy-smart power strips, will cut back on appliances using energy when they aren’t actively being used.
  3. dreamstime_xxl_42504189Help Your Home – another major cause of high energy consumption is heating and cooling your home. Investing in new insulation, such as spray insulation, and double paned windows can greatly reduce your home’s heating and cooling needs as well as your energy consumption.
  4. Upgrade to Energy Star – upgrading everything from your kitchen appliances to your HVAC system to Energy Star rated systems can reduce your home’s energy consumption on a larger scale. Some homes see around 40 percent reduction in energy use, which is a great savings annually as well as over the life of the appliances!
  5. Add Alternative Energy Generators – There are a variety of options to take your home off the energy grid. Alternative energy sources include residential-sized wind turbines, solar-powered water heaters, rainwater harvesters, and solar panels.

If you’re ready to add alternative energy source to your home with solar panels, call Hytech Solar today to begin your free quote!