When people think of solar power, their minds commonly travel to thoughts of solar panels mounted on a home’s roof. But what about solar power on a larger scale? Hytech Solar strives to provide solar power to everyone, commercial properties included.

Because energy consumption continues to climb, it’s important for commercial properties to take the leap towards solar energy. Not only can it save you hundreds in monthly bills, but the bigger your commercial business is, the larger your impact can be when reducing our overall carbon footprint.

Purchasing solar for your commercial building.

When you decide that a solar system is right for your business, you are playing a big part in our mission. Although the purchase may seem intimidating at first, we are here to ease your worries and guide you through the process. What can be more incentivizing than knowing that up to two-thirds of your system is covered by Federal and State tax credits? With that in mind, the decision to go solar seems pretty clear.

Additionally, when you work with Hytech Solar, there are no hidden fees or extra charges, and your system is covered by a 25-year warranty. Protect yourself from future electric utility rate hikes by investing in solar power today. Breaking-even takes just a short amount of time (3-5 years), and the return on investment will likely be in the double digits. Even more enticing is the amount your property value will increase due to your solar system installation.

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

Although any commercial business can qualify to purchase their own solar panels, PPA is going to be the best option for non-profit & municipalities that don’t qualify for tax credits and rebates but would like the safety of a buy-out option included. With this purchase agreement, your business can begin saving from day one without paying any out-of-pocket costs. Additionally, when you work with Hytech Solar under a PPA, you will not have to pay any maintenance or service charges.

Property Assessment Clean Energy (PACE)

Besides reducing entry costs and your carbon footprint, a solar panel system will also increase your commercial property value. PACE is another way to finance your commercial solar system purchase. In essence, the city offers you a loan, and you pay it back through your property tax bills. With PACE, you can get up to 100% of the system’s cost paid directly through your property tax bills. In addition, up to two-thirds of the entire system is covered by the Federal and State tax credits and Utility Rebates. Because your system will be on a five-year MACRS accelerated depreciation scheduled, you should be able to break even in just three to five years.

With all of that information in mind, there’s no reason not to go solar today! Contact us to request a FREE consultation and let us design the perfect system for all your commercial energy needs.