1. Solar Panels and Beyond: Does Renewable Energy Really Matter?

    With all the recent political debates, and fact flying from both sides, it can feel nearly impossible to wade through the inundation of information to the truth. Which, for those who are proponents of fossil fuel use, is likely the point - if you question whether or not we actually need renewable energy sources, you’re less likely to spend the money on those renewable energy systems like home so…Read More

  2. Is Solar Power Killing Fossil Fuels?

    So many environmentally friendly folks out there love to extol the virtues of solar power over non-renewable resources like fossil fuels or coal. But there are, and probably always will be, detractors who claim that solar power is too costly to produce, is largely ineffective in comparison to current fuel sources, and doesn’t offer enough benefit to be a viable alternative energy source. At Hyte…Read More

  3. How Solar Panels Work When There Isn’t Sunshine

    There must be sunlight in order for solar panels to produce energy. It sounds pretty logical, right? Many are under the misconception that if they live somewhere that is often cloudy/rainy/snowy, as it is here in New York, solar panels would not benefit them. Fortunately, that is definitely not the case! Solar panels can still benefit you, even in often-cloudy areas. At Hytech Solar, we are passio…Read More

  4. 5 Tips for Adding Alternative Energy to Your Home

    In the 1990s, there was a big push to teach school-aged children to “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle,” in order to educate the growing generation about the importance of finding renewable and less harmful material/energy consumption methods. And boy, did we teach them well! Since then, going green and finding alternative energy sources has become increasingly important to our society, particularly as t…Read More

  5. Alternative Energy Sources

    By definition, alternative energy is any energy source used in place of another. However, when most people talk about alternative energy sources today, they’re specifically implying any energy source that is a renewable or sustainable alternative to nuclear, coal, and fossil fuels. At Hytech Solar, we got into business because finding alternatives to damaging and non-renewable energy sources is …Read More

  6. Saving Money (and the Earth) With Solar Panels

    Between the damaging environmental effects of fossil fuels and the annual costs of energy bills for the average American family rising to over $1200, more and more Long Island residents are looking for alternative energy solutions. One of the most popular and cost effective solutions currently available are solar panels, but some people are hesitant to make the switch to solar power due to the ini…Read More

  7. Convert Your Business To Solar

    If you own your commercial building, you’ve probably heard with increasing frequency the push to switch to alternative energy. Given the benefits to converting, why haven’t you yet? At Hytech Solar, we handle commercial solar power needs, not just residential, and we’re passionate about this because it’s the best thing for your business and the planet. Read on to understand why! Spend Mone…Read More

  8. Winter Concerns for Your Solar Panels

    If you’ve reached our blog, you’re probably eco-conscious, interested in sustainable practices, and concerned about converting to renewable energy. Whether you are still in the planning process or have just had solar panel installation, you’re probably wondering what you’ll need to do to protect that renewable energy investment you made for your home. At Hytech Solar in Bayshore, we want y…Read More

  9. Easy Steps to Going Green

    How eco-conscious are you? Do you pride yourself on eating all organic local produce and buying sustainable products? If you’re not, but you wish you were, don’t despair. It can be a simple process to go green. With small, easy to assimilate steps, you can build an eco-friendly lifestyle over time, incorporating as many or few as you wish. At Hytech Solar, we’re enthusiastic about being good…Read More