If you’ve reached our blog, you’re probably eco-conscious, interested in sustainable practices, and concerned about converting to renewable energy. Whether you are still in the planning process or have just had solar panel installation, you’re probably wondering what you’ll need to do to protect that renewable energy investment you made for your home. At Hytech Solar in Bayshore, we want your solar panels to last as long as possible. Read on to ensure you’re doing what’s needed to keep your solar panels in good condition.

dreamstime_xxl_41078311Winter and Solar Panels

If this is your first winter with solar panels, we imagine you may worry about what adverse effects the colder weather can have on your panels and their energy production. Here’s the good news: when solar panels were created, they were built to last. Most solar panels come with a 25-year warranty, so you can be sure the companies that make them are expecting your solar panels to last. In addition to that, solar panels were designed to withstand the elements. By-and-large, you won’t need to do much beyond have your solar system regularly inspected for potential problems.

Winter Clouds

When it comes to winter weather, snow should not be an issue. There is a protective glass over the cells that protects them from nearly everything. On cloudy days, there is still enough light for your solar panels to produce energy!

The Cold

In actuality, as long as your panels aren’t covered by snow, winter is the best time of year for your solar panel system. Electronics tend to store energy and work more efficiently in the cold than they do when hot.

dreamstime_xxl_13199743 Snow

As we just mentioned, the cold isn’t a problem for solar panels. The only reason snow can cause problems is when it covers your panels and blocks them from absorbing light. This won’t actually happen very often. Solar panels are installed at an angle and are entirely smooth on the surface, so more often than not, the snow will slide right off and not impede your panels. If you do have heavy snow accumulation that sticks to your panels, you can wait a little while for the snow to melt a bit and slide off. The other option, if you live somewhere with a lot of regular snow accumulation, is to obtain a special snow rake that will get the snow off your panels without damaging them.


Of all the issues that could come with winter weather, ice is the biggest concern. Fortunately, this is a problem that is easy to avoid as long as you have your solar panel system regularly checked over for any cracks or wear. Ice does to solar panels the same thing it does to asphalt; it gets into the cracks while it is liquid then expands as it freezes. Without proper maintenance, this can happen to your panels too. However, as long as your solar panel system is checked before the winter for any sealant concerns, your panels should be fine.

If you have any additional questions about winter care for your solar panels, call your solar power experts in Bayshore: Hytech Solar. Whether you have purchased or leased your solar panels, we can answer your questions, repair any issues, and help you plan a solar power expansion. Call today to get started!